The StarfireLA Story

Hair extensions have been an essential part of my hair regime. I relished the flexibility it gave me to have that different look without having to do much to my hair.

So there I was again, standing in a beauty supply store with a crowd of women, all looking at the wide variety of different hair extensions displayed. They were so many brands to choose from, all packaged differently, some more appealing than others. Just when I thought I’m ready to make my selection, the employee got distracted by another customer and walks in her direction instead. I finally got her attention, she handed me the one I was interested in. I was elated when I read the package and saw the extensions up close. I thought, ‘this is going to be fabulous when I wear it.’ The store said “these are very popular” and then she took my packages to the cashier for check out. Price paid $450.

Fast forward, after the installation of my finest packaged extensions, it was party time! At least so I thought until I got out the Jacuzzi. This hair shrunk up and literally melted making a massive matted mess! 100% human hair? That’s what the package said. I returned to the beauty supply store and the owner refused to refund me. They claimed I had misused the hair!

From that experience an idea was born; my ‘aha’ moment. I promised myself to:

First, find the most exquisite hair extensions available on the market. My greatest desire was focused on quality especially when customers pay the price for it. I did not want to lie to my customers about authenticity, texture and origin because I was sourcing the best and wanted to be proud to stand behind the products I offered

Second, make customer service in my establishment my priority. The happiness of my customers is of utmost importance. They are the ones I am here to serve and if they are satisfied I know they would be loyal customers.

Third, to create that ambiance where customers can come in and shop and feel special, attended to, informed and totally relaxed.

Hence StarfireLA was born, not for me, but for all the women who dream of and can have that pure exquisite beautification at a great price, best quality and a warm inviting boutique atmosphere.

I am Chante’l the proud entrepreneur of StarfireLA.

Our Mission

StarFire LA strives to be the leader in luxury hair extension within the beauty industry. Providing an exquisite experience and delivering quality to our clients is just a small component our regime. We understand that your hair is your statement, let us help you make a statement of “exquisite beautification”.
I am Chante’l the proud entrepreneur of StarfireLA.